Skill level : 70%
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I am experienced in developing Web applications using PHP, Laravel 8 and MySQL. I've also completed a PHP Web Development course from LEDP.
I've been practicing to develop Web applications using PHP, Laravel and MySQL for around one year. A paid project named Student Feedback System is developed by me which is fueled by PHP and Laravel and backed by MySQL Database.
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Project description :
In this app, there are three user categories - Student, Teacher, Admin. Students and Teachers can register by entering their respective details and department info. A student can submit course evalutaion feedbacks (based on 5 stars rating) for those teachers who are in his department. Obviously this is annonymous. A teacher can see all the feedbacks submitted by students only for him which is shown by omitting the student info/ID (Annonymous) in a tabular view along with the average rating. An admin can manage the whole users list and feedback data. Users and Feedbacks data can also be deleted by an Admin.

Project video :

Made with :
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, PHP, Laravel 8 and MySQL.